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Dansk Dykkerservice ApS


Commercial diving company in Denmark.


Dansk Dykkerservice ApS (Danish Diving Service) is situated in Skagen, the northernmost city in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula.

It is ideally situated since every vessel that has to pass the inner danish waters to get to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithauania, Poland and the eastern part of Germany has to pass by Skagen.

Dansk Dykkerservice ApS (Danish Diving Service) is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.

We are certified mixed gas divers. Mixed gas is primarely used for diving operations at water depths deeper than 50 meters.

Basically we do all kinds of maritime works but as excamples we have, since 2000, amongst other things been working in harbours cleaning rudders, propellers and thrusters on ships. In addition to this we have made a search for, and raised, the 5 tonnes anchor of "Club Med 2" which was lost of the coast of Skagen on a visit here. "Club Med 2" had the anchor delivered at Langelinie in Copenhagen.
Furthermore we have conducted repairs on keels, hulls, rudders and propellars and have salvaged several sunk ships and boats.
We are the preferred diving company of Karstensens Skibsværft (shipyard) due to the quality of our work and our rapid deployment rate. We are also hired by the local harbour on a regular basis to salvage various things that are lost in the harbour. We also make construction works on sheet piling and other harbour related diving jobs.

To namedrop the largest ships that Dansk Dykkerservice ApS (Danish Diving Service) has worked on - "Estelle Mærsk" the second sister ship to "Emma Mærsk" the worlds largest bulk carriers, and "Arctic Princess" the worlds largest gas tanker.

We have also made a search for - and inspection of - a soviet whiskey class submarine lost on the Jutland Bank (see video on our Youtube-channel - link below). We have furthermore assisted DONG Energy on prelimenary investigations on Denmarks, in the future, largest off-shore wind farm.


We work both in-shore and off-shore - primarely, but not exclusively, in Denmark.

Amongst other things, we do the following :

  • Underwater burning and welding (AWS D3.6-99).
  • Inspections.
  • Photo- and video documentation.
  • Search and recovery.
  • Concrete jobs.
  • Cleaning of propellers etc.
  • Blasting
  • NDT
  • Salvage
  • High pressure water jetting


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thomas001.jpgIf you need further information about Dansk Dykkerservice ApS (Danish Diving Service) - then please do not hesitate to contact us !

With best regards

Thomas Nygaard Andersen ~ CEO

Kontakt Info
Dansk Dykkerservice ApS
Phone: (+45) 22 9798 43